An Introduction to Nodeify
Bridging Investors and Developers within Decentalized Finance (DeFi)
Nodeify is a global-scale infrastructure and web services company that provides blockchain services, software and solutions to developers, teams, and businesses.
Nodeify enables investors to generate NDFI tokens by creating Nodeify Capacity Units (NCU's) across our supported networks (Fantom, Avalanche, Near Protocol, Polygon, Ethereum and StarkNet). In addition, Nodeify incentivizes NCU operators through our Nodeify Connect feature, which aims to fulfill infrastructure capacity requirements on networks where our platform has corresponding developer/partner demand. Nodeify enables developers, teams, and businesses to build, test, monitor, and deploy decentralized applications via the NCU's created by investors.
In addition to offering fully managed blockchain infrastructure for both testnet and mainnet, Nodeify also offers an abstracted set of web services to streamline the development of web3 applications. Furthermore, Nodeify plays a leading role as a technology and blockchain integrator for our customer and partner ecosystem. We co-develop and implement software and solutions to suit a range of platform and product requirements.
Nodeify operates on Fantom Opera to take advantage of low-cost, fast transactions and an ever-growing developer & DeFi ecosystem.
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